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1. I can work on my class?

once or twice a week
when I can find the time

2. Face-to-face interaction with my instructor and classmates is:

Very important to me
Important to me
Not important to me

3. When I receive an assignment, I tend to:

Figure out the assignment on my own
Read the instructions, but ask for help if I need it
Sometimes have difficulty understanding what I need to do

4. After I submit an assignment, I need to have feedback on how I did:

within 24 hours
within a few days
within 1 week

5. If I need help:

I have no problem asking the instructor
I am not comfortable asking the instructor
I would never ask for help

6. When given an assignment, I tend to:

get it done ahead of time
get it done on time, if reminded
not complete the assignment on time

7. My ability to read and comprehend what I've read is:

good: I did not need help understanding what I've read
average: I need some help to understand what I've read
below average: I frequently need help understanding what I've read

8. I communicate via reading/writing:

very well, I have no problems understanding, analyzing, and clearly expressing what I've learned
well, if I have a little help when I need it
okay, if I have immediate help

9. I have access to a fairly new computer and the Internet:

at home
I will use a computer in a lab on campus
my computer is over 3 years old and my Internet connection is not solid

10. My technology skills are:

Very good, I can use email, browse the web, use offices software (like MS-Office), create attachments, download and upload files
Average, I can use email, browse the web, and use office software (like MS-Office)
Basic: I can use email and browse the web

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